31 short best inspirational quotes Sayings and thoughts

All the short best inspirational quotes are a collection of special lines, which can change our perspective and relax our minds.

Life Quotes

life quotes

 Martin Luther King said….. The most important question in life is what are you doing for others?

life quotes

No matter how short life, the waste of time becomes evan shorter

life quotes

Life…This is your scratch on me!

Or are you trying to make me the best!!

life quotes

Life is the name of these events, which are falling on you at that time, while you are angaged in making other plans. John Lennon

life quotes

By the time we understand our life, the time come to return (i.e. and of life)

life quotes

Life is the name of these events, which are falling on you at that time, while you are angaged in making other plans. John Lennon

Thoughts about Life

Sometimes life makes us a good person by giving Sadness, pain, and failure. We understand it late.

We want to do everything very quickly in our life. We want to be young very soon & We want to get everything very quickly.

In this haste, We can not take small happiness in our life.

But it should be…

Enjoy the little things in the life, One day you will look back and realize those will be big things”- Kurt Vonnegut

There is no always happiness in his life and neither always sadness, life is a combination of both. 

“The sun is like the same when Sunrise and sunset”

Like the sun we should try to become the same in all condition.

we have to be patient at every turn of life.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow…learn as if you were to live forever -Mahatma Gandhi 

Everything in life changes in front of us. We look of Changing in face, thoughts and people. We are also walking with this change.

In this change, when we have old from childhood. When our body reaches the final limit of change. Then we will be thrown out of this change.

You know the name of this event very well.

In reality, only change explains the real value of time.

In this life full of change, we have to learn from our mistakes and not to regret our mistakes.

Every change in our life should make our life better than before. It is the real evolution

In the word of Socrates life without experience and sufferings is not life.

quotes about thoughts

thought quotes

Definitely think and search, but when it comes time to do it, stop thinking and move on to work.

idea quotes

It is prudent to have a good idea, it is prudent to plan, it is the best prudence to do well and it is also the best of all.

The big thing in this world is not ”where we are standing”, but in which direction we are going, it is a big thing. –Oliver Wendell Holmes


Any thoughts that have been developed and then implemented have greater significance than the thought that is only an idea.


Think And Then Believe…

Believe And Then Speak…

idea quote

  Take a good idea and stay with it. Follow it and keep working on it until it is complete.Walt Disney

What are the thoughts?

“Our life is what? .Which is created by our thoughts.”
                                                -Marcus Aurelius

            Our life is a palace made of walls of thoughts. It depends on us how we are making the wall in the palace.

       We make the tone of heart with the thoughts, So those thoughts come fast on our mind. We are filled with those thoughts.

The thought manifests as the word!

 the word manifests as the deed! 

the deed develops into character !!

          Our thoughts are very important in our life. Good or bad works start with thoughts.

                Good thoughts will make our life good and bad thoughts will take us into darkness.

                The biggest difference between the saint and the robber is the thoughts. 

            Pure thoughts are very important for us to make a good person.

                             “A man is the making of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes”
                                                                                                          – Mahatma Gandhi                  

                Good or bad work done by us starts with a thought. The thoughts arise on the surface of our mind and take real form by our work. One thought can be overcome only when it is born in our brain.

             Once the thought becomes firm in our mind, then a very difficult task for us to eliminate it.

             We need to analyze every thought that comes to our mind. If we are able to remove some wrong thoughts from our minds, then this will be a great achievement for us.

How can try to change the wrong thoughts?

        We have to remove the wrong thoughts in our mind and have good thoughts in their place. To get good thoughts, we will need good books and good people and will need spiritual books. Because your mind gives the effect of the Company very quickly.

     We do not have to think about what we do not have to do, We have to think about what we have to do.

     When we think about what we have to do, there will be no time remaining for negative thinks.

What can thoughts do?

It is the thought that opens your blood!

It is the thought that scares you!

It is the thought that It makes you great!

It is positive thoughts that lead to  success

It is the thought that sometimes does not let us sleep!

It is these thoughts through which the world knows us!

Love also comes inside you on the path of thoughts and mercy also comes in you on this path.

What is said in spiritualism for thoughts?

What is said in spiritualism for thoughts?

         The serenity of mind, gentleness, silence, self-control and the purity of thought – these are said to be the austerity of mind.
                      -The Bhagavad Gita

               The spiritual aspect is also that when a person gets the sky element, then he has the power to think. Man is the only who possesses the power of thoughts on this earth

        Due to the power of thinking and understanding, Human has been considered the best on earth.

thought quote

        It is also true that after burning in the fire of sorrow, our thoughts glow like a diamond. These thoughts sometimes come out in the form of poetry and sometimes become great quotes.

Future with us as our thoughts

         The motive is born as the form of thought. 
The thought gradually becomes firm and we move forward, that thought becomes a desire.

          In this way, we can also say that one of the thoughts that comes to us in the present and takes us towards the future. 

       In this way, there is also a time like this, Our bright future remains with us in the form of thoughts in our present. But we are able to reach a bright future, Only through our conviction and hard work.

   Therefore we should pay attention to our thoughts.

quote about thoughts

According to the Swami Vivekananda

        “Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourself weak, weak you will be; if you think yourself strong, strong you will be.” ? 

“Be great in act as you have been in thought.”William Shakespeare.

Quote about guilty


The world will feel guilty, do not give so much clarification !!

Quote about knowing


There is a big difference in knowing the way and walking on it.



Quote about innovation

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

 When you are on the path of innovation, you are ready to hear from people that you are mad.

                        – Larry Ellison


Quote about problems

If there is no difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing, then most of the problems of the world will be solved.

                                                -Mahatma Gandhi



 quote about Knowledge

Best Inspirational Quotes in English


Knowledge of the importance of time is the door to wisdom.

                     -Bertrand Russell




 quote about opportunity

quote about opportunity

John D.Rockefeller said…..I always try to turn every crisis into opportunity



Quote about mind

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

Whatever you wish for, in your mind, all the powers of your mind are drawn towards it and get it from your attraction.

                              -Sweat Marden.



Quote of imagination

Best Inspirational Quotes in English


Albert Einstein has said that imagination has far more important than learning.




Quote of education

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

The process of continuing to know our ignorance is education.

                                     -Will Durant



Quotes about world

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

 Nobody has been honored for taking anything from the world, but he is definitely honored who gave something to the world.


Quote about health

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

 Mahatma Gandhi had said that it is health that is the real wealth and not a piece of gold or silver.



Quotes about dreams

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

  If all my dreams are complete, then what will I do?

                                    – Line of the novel of ‘Paulo Coelho ‘



Quotes about understand

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

I hear and I forget, 

I see and I remember,

I do and I understand.

                       -A Chinese proverb

Quote about the new route

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

 The new route is always the danger

”That is why history remembers Vasco di Gama and Marcopolo, but not the people who come after those.”



quote about mind

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

If you vanquish your mind, you have vanquished the world.

                  -GURU NANAK


Quote about task

Best Inspirational Quotes in English

“The reason most major goals are not achieved is that we waste our time doing non-essential tasks first. “

             – Robert J. McCain


Quote about habits

Quote of habites

Good habits are formed with difficulty in our life,But those habits make life easier.

Bad habits are easily formed in our life,But those habits make life very difficult.

Quote about student

quote about student

    Those seeking study do not get happiness, those seeking happiness do not study. Desiring happiness should renounce the study and the student seeking study should renounce happiness.

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