We will make the mistake deliberately Or inadvertently. It will give us something. Either regret or knowledge. If we regret any mistake and mistake repeat again. Then Our regret is useless. That was the game of our mind. True regret is there, after which we do not make any mistake. If we repeat mistakes even after regret after knowing everything. Then it's a defeat to our mind. Here we find ourselves separated from our mind. 

                 Best it is that we should learn from mistakes and Overcome your shortcomings. For this, we can face some painful situation and also fight with ourself. And will watch one day, fight with ourself will turn into happiness. 

                 When a mistake is repeated repeatedly, it becomes a habit. When a mistake becomes a habit then it does not feel wrong. We have to stop the mistake before making the habit.

        ''Think of getting some good by repeating the mistakes, It is our ignorance''. 

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