Michelangelo was making a beautiful statue. He worked hard on him for several days to make that statue beautiful. He worked hard to overcome the Micro shortcomings of the statue. A person who was watching them make a statue. That person asked Michael Angel, "Why do you worry about these Micro shortcomings?
Michael Anglo said that completeness comes by removing small shortcomings.
This shows that we should work hard at our work. We must pay attention to the smallest shortcomings.

                     Similarly, if we want to perfection in our life. Then we will have remembered the words of Mahatma Buddha.
The thought manifests as the word!
the word manifests as the deed! 
the deed develops into character !!

                    We should not show our hard work. If we fail, people will make fun of our hard work We should work like a duck. Duck keeps running feet continuously under water and looks calm on the water. 

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