Social status

               Once a trader loaded on a horse 80 kg of wheat on one side and 80 kg sand on the other side, So that the balance.

A poor man who was looking this said, "Mister what are you doing

A trader said that there is sand on one side and an equal weight of wheat to the other side

The poor man said that you could load 40 kg of wheat on one side and 40 kg of wheat on the other side

A trader said that how much wealth do you have

The poor man said that I'm very poor I do not have the wealth.

The trader said that keep your intellect and Your misfortune with yourself and do not talk to me. Listening to your thinks, I do not want to be poor like you.

           This is the truth of the world. People do not obey your words until you get a high social status. People look the first status and after then look knowledge. 

       This is a rule of the world "Everyone salutes the rising sun."

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